Why an independent professional custom picture framer?

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Many people believe there is nothing to framing pictures, art, posters or documents. I have heard many times, “I can cut wood for a frame and put it together, what’s the big deal?” Really, there are a lot of big deals!

One thing people do not understand there are many products used in the framing industry, that if not used properly may damage the item they are framing. There are many things to consider that is dependent on the item being framed. Mat or no mat. Glass or no glass, or what type of glass or plexiglass. Mounting an item, what type of mounting or do not mount. Continue reading “Why an independent professional custom picture framer?”

Preserve Your Memories

There is more to custom framing than just framing your favorite poster or piece of art. Custom framing is also the art of preserving memories. Think about your favorite photograph or family portrait, document on family history or your college diploma. How about a collection of a little one’s baseball jersey’s from t-ball through high school? Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to preserve memories for many clients. One of the very first, and many years ago was the tennis racket Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs with. We the tennis racket for Bobby Riggs son, mounted on a solid back substrate with a clear plexiglass box cover, enabling clear viewing from not only the front, but also through the sides. Continue reading “Preserve Your Memories”

Glass Matters

As I mentioned in the previous Blog post, there are many choices and things to consider when framing any item and glass options is a very important part of your framing options. The expertise of a custom picture framers knowledge is invaluable in explaining the different types of glass and acrylic options to choose from.


We have several glass options to choose from. There is regular clear glass, non-glare glass, Conservation clear, conservation non-glare and museum glass. Regular and non-glare glass should only be used for inexpensive posters or items of not much value when the glass is mostly protection from dust and fingers. Continue reading “Glass Matters”